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This beautiful functional rehabilitation medical complex was built in 2018 and is now ready to operate.

35 equipped individual rooms, treatment rooms equipped with equipment, balneotherapy, a pharmacy and a small laboratory, an independent kitchen and a beautiful restaurant room.

We are ready to welcome patients. 

The covid period and other priorities since have not allowed operational start-up due to lack ofor been able to bring together a permanent salaried medical team.

The project led by the Association aims to bring together the financial means to begin this start-up at the end of 2024 and lead the center to total financial independence within 3 years.

It is thereforea start-up project limited in time,amount required: €50,000 within three years.





This program, created in 2018, welcomes two hundred young people on the verge of dropping out of school and society, mainly from the diocese of Quoseya for school reintegration first, but much more.


The program is interested to all aspects of the subject: medical monitoring, works on behaviors and social life, imaginary  of a personal project and of course workschool.

The results measured are conclusive upon return to families.

The Association has devoted most of its resources to (partial) financing this activity. (cost per child: €300)

New needs regarding sanitary facilities and accommodation have been identified.Investment cost: €20,000 within three years.

Read Joseph's testimony

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03. Project: search for an agricultural partnership

The development of the Anaphora agricultural estate is a primary concern for Anba Thomas.

Achieving self-sufficiency in the area (market gardening, cereals, fish farming, arboriculture, livestock, etc.) is the first objective. Adopting good practices (watering, permaculture, few inputs, low-motorized work, etc.) and providing a stable and rewarding employment framework for certain members of the community constitute another equally major aspect.

The search for a lasting partnership with a French institution is a project to be built, with an agricultural high school for example, for whom this could constitute a great prospect, a project which would not only limit technical exchanges but also stays on site. regular and sharing relationships on the basis of a common project.

Some one-off aid operations have been carried out but are not yet up to this ambition​. The Association is looking for a partner who can engage in this type of medium-term project.

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04. Franco-Egyptian cultural meetings in ANAPHORA

Extending our action to the field of cultural exchange seemed obvious.

Music and master classes, conferences, talks, participation in art and cooking workshops punctuate a week of meetings and exchanges of views between Egyptians and French.

A first edition took place in 2019, a second is in preparation for 2024.

A great opportunity to stay in Anaphora!

NB: this activity is not financed by donations and is subject to separate financing.


05. Higher education program

This program was launched in 2012 at the request of Anba Thomas who felt the need to strengthen the knowledge of his community on the subjects of Human Rights, minorities, and the conduct of complex projects in the complicated multicultural environment of Egyptian society.

Ambitious program, leading to the award of a French university diploma of higher education.

The Association participated in the specification and launch of this program then in its partial financing and in the management of financial flows for 3 years.

The project management of this program has been entrusted to the Catholic University of Lyon (IDHL and CIEDEL)

To date (2023) this program has been completed and has received positive evaluations. Consideration is underway for its renewal.

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