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Our history

​A chance meeting 15 years ago with Anaphora and Anba Thomas during an ordinary tourist trip, we were challenged by the vision, the ability to achieve and of course by the radiant personality of the founder of the place.

Doing “something” from France to raise awareness, exchange, support and establish relationships quickly became obvious. The association was created in 2011*.

Since then, many links have been forged, also making the Association Les Amis d'Anaphora a true friendship group.

Today's Egypt may seem distant, complicated, inaccessible sometimes...but it always catches up with us by the place it occupies, since ancient times of course, but also in the modern period, in the imagination and the hearts of the French.

“Egypt French Passion”, as Robert Solé indicates.

Our Coptic Christian friends perpetuate this story and we are at their side.

* The Les Amis dAnaphora association does not claim to belong to any religion and is not involved in the religious field.


Pierre Garcin


Catherine Ducret

 Vice présidente

André Torquebiau

Vice président

Christian Riviere

Contact projets

Sara Hanna

Directrice du centre de formation Anaphora

Marianne Boulès

Liaison Anaphora France

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