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October 2023: exchange stay at Anaphora       

5 friends from Anaphora stayed at Anaphora in October 2023.

Pleasure to find the place, Anba Thomas and the warm Anaphora community, of course, but also the opportunity to work on several files.

- The second year schoolth chance 2023: 200 young people were welcomed in July 2023.framework has been further strengthened, particularly medical, but there remains to be done in terms of accommodation, sanitary facilities and dormitories. We are continuing our fundraising in this direction.

- preparation of the 2024 cultural days, scheduled for October 2024

- The start of the Functional Rehabilitation Center: the construction and equipment of this medical center are completed, the center is ready to start. 

Friends of Anaphora explore how they could make a significant contributionat startup operation of the center and bring together funds and personnel  for entry into service in 2024.

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June 17, 2023: 4th charity barbecue in Montpellier;  

The fourth edition of this friendly event, the profits of which are entirely donated to the benefit of "The Second Chance School" in Anaphora, brought together 120 participants and a net contribution of €2,000​. Anba Thomas had given us the honor and friendship of his presence.

Project 2024: 2nd cultural days Franco- Egyptians in Anaphora                                     

Organized for the first time in 2019, these days  “Franco Egyptians of Anaphora” allow for four days of meetings and exchanges between French people, friends of Anaphora, their guests and residents of the estate and friends of Anba Thomas from Cairo and Alexandria.

Crossed musical program, talks, conferences, art and cooking workshops are in preparation for fall 2024.

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