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​Founded in 1999 by Anba Thomas*, today Metropolitan of the Coptic Orthodox Church**, the place is marked by the social, philosophical and humanist vision of its founder, his formidable capacity to build together and bring together in a country that faces significant challenges.
​Towards a more egalitarian society, particularly on the subject of gender equality, more inclusive, more educated, more spiritual, open to the world and giving everyone a chance.
​Concretely, “welcome the whole person, all people, elevate each person” and situate them in a personal project within their community and their country.

* Anba Thomas is bishop of the diocese of Quseya in middle Egypt
**The Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt, a descendant of the Church of Alexandria and Saint Mark, is one of the oldest Christian churches in the world and brings together the largest Christian community in the Middle East.
The share of Orthodox Copts is estimated at 8 to 12% of the Egyptian population, or around 10 million faithful.

In practice


Anaphora is a "special place" located on the Desert Road, between Cairo (75km) and Alexandria (150km)

Formerly an arid desert, the place is today a beautiful green oasis, an important agricultural estate and brings together art workshops served by a permanent population of 70 people.

Significant teaching infrastructures pleasantly welcome a varied population, in a succession of numerous training cycles or conferences.

The accommodation is nicely looked after, the simple, low-meat food is prepared on site using produce from the estate.

Anaphora is not a monastery* although a very active community of sisters resides there and  in particular takes charge of “hotel” management and welcoming visitors or even running creative art workshops.

Anaphora thus receives both individual visitors or small groups for a few days as well as volunteers for longer stays as part of a defined mission. The places also welcome family gatherings, priests from the diocese or Cairenes looking for calm and rest at the end of the week.

Prior reservation is required, individual transfers are usually organized by Anaphora.

Beautiful churches host worship services, prayers or masses. Their attendance is completely free.

​* The large historical Christian monasteries are located a few kilometers from Anaphora and can be easily visited.

Get concretely involved in a project


People of all ages, conditions, religions or philosophical beliefs are welcome at Anaphora.

If you plan to get involved in Anaphora, as part of an individual project, a project structured by another organization or even in a call for projects with a grant including micro-projects, the association can accompany you.

The association can then appear (without obligation) as the support entity in France and Anaphora as the beneficiary entity of the project in Egypt.

We manage financial flows from France to Anaphora, securely and in accordance with international transfer regulations. 

This co-construction approach is then part of rigorous project management.

The possible subjects are numerous and varied: agriculture, training, soil desalination, production

photovoltaic, medical, kitchen, art...

The Association does not issue any specific grants.

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