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Launch of our 2024 donation campaign

Discover the projects which have been selected and which call upon your generosity or your commitment.


What we do

Make the work of Anba Thomas known in France, collect donations and financial support, facilitate connections and contribute to projects carried out on site in Egypt. Education and training, health, development of the agricultural sector from a sustainable and empowerment perspective are the primary subjects for transfers of donations, intervention and projects.


Second year school


Each year, two hundred disadvantaged children are welcomed into a specific global educational program to avoid dropping out of school.                       

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Start-up of the medical rehabilitation center

The infrastructure of this center was built in 2019. The covid period did not allow it to begin operating. 35 beds, treatment and accommodation areas, and balneotherapy await the first patients.




Graduation ceremony for a higher education course, carried out in co-construction with the Catholic University of Lyon (UCLY) relating to human rights and local development    

Who we are

The association Les Amis d'Anaphora was created in 2011 following several stays at Anaphora and the meeting with Anba Thomas

Marked by the Anba Thomas project already largely implemented on that date, supported by a solid humanist vision, strong Christian convictions, a formidable capacity to act concretely, and a concern for openness and inclusion, we wanted to create Les Amis d'Anaphora to be a link between France and Anaphora to facilitate exchanges and initiatives.


How to help us

Follow us, join, make a donation, carry out a project at Anaphora as an individual worker or as part of a French structure, simply discover the place and the warm Anaphora community

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